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Featuring the market's sharpest execution, Fondex cTrader fills your orders in milliseconds without any requotes or price manipulation.
Make informed decisions with smart market analysis tools, Live Sentiment data and in-platform market insights from Trading Central.
Access transaction statistics, equity charts and detailed history of your deals for a crystal clear understanding of your performance.
Easy to use and navigate, Fondex cTrader was built with real traders' needs in mind. Trade with Fondex cTrader and experience its distinct advantage.
Fondex cTrader will make a difference in the way you trade. Featuring robust risk management, fast execution and precise market analysis tools, it is the ultimate platform for both beginners and professional traders.

We help you lay the groundwork for trading success

Even if you are a beginner, you have all the tools you need for a strong start
Fast & reliable execution
Engineered to provide traders with optimal execution speed and unmatched stability, Fondex cTrader is your best bet for fair and efficient trading.
Full control over your trades
Use the Advanced Take Profit & Stop Loss tools to manage risk and set Price Alerts on your preferred instruments.
Actionable signals from Trading Central
The market's most in-demand signals directly on your trading interface. Either you are a beginner needing guidance or a pro looking for confirmation, this is the best in-platform combination of actionable signals.
Diversification with over 1000 markets
Reduce your risk exposure by adding multiple asset classes to your portfolio. Choose among Forex, Shares, Indices, Energies, Precious Metals and ETFs.
Detailed reporting of your trading activity
Access a wide array of reporting tools and analyse your trades down to the last detail: full position breakdown, transaction history, market snapshots and a lot more.
Superior copy trading & automation
Not comfortable with manual trading? Copy or automate your trades and save valuable time from conducting your own analysis.
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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

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Best Trade Execution Awards 2018

e-FX Awards

Best Retail Platform

Technical analysis at its best

Technical Analysis
Use over 70 technical analysis tools such as trend indicators, oscillators, lines, shapes and volatility measures.
Create your own custom indicator in Fondex cTrader Automate or download one from cTDN.
Cross-check your analysis in multiple time frames and 4 chart types: bar, candlestick, line and dots.
Place and modify your orders directly through the charts, create templates of your analysis for future use and share it on social media with cTrader Chartshots ™.
Trade faster by opening, closing and modifying your orders with a single or double click.
View 3 different types of Market Depth and access the full range of executable prices as they are streamed directly from our liquidity providers.
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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

In-platform market insights from Trading Central

Get top-notch trading signals directly on your trading interface
Trading Central
Get actionable trading signals for hundreds of tradable instruments.

Trading Central is a leading technical analysis research house that produces market forecasts using a combination of technical analysis, chart analysis and Japanese candlesticks.

Trading Central analysis includes:

  • A recommended scenario. It indicates Trading Central's preferred strategy and provides profit targets, Stop Loss points, your trade's value in pips and currency units.
  • Since the markets can be volatile and unpredictable, Trading Central offers an alternative strategy in case their recommended scenario fails. You could use this to hedge your risk.

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

Frequently Asked Questions
Your live trading account can be up and running in less than 2 minutes. Please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Click Open Account.
  • Step 2. Fill in your email, password and phone number.
  • Step 3. Launch the platform and fund your account to start trading!
  • Please note that you will need to verify your account within 15 days from initial contact.

  • Fondex cTrader features lightning-fast execution and exceptional stability.
  • You can close all your positions at once with the click of a single button.
  • You can reverse your position and double your volume with the click of a button.
  • Our Smart Stop Out closes the largest position only partially, restoring margin to the required levels and hence protecting the position, your entry point and the trading account.
  • Chart trading allows users to open, close and modify orders by just dragging and dropping.
  • Perfect for technical traders, with over 70 pre-installed indicators, lines and shapes.
  • Ability to create your own custom indicators via Fondex cTrader Automate or download an existing one from other users in the cTrader network.
  • More time frames than standard platforms: you may easily perform multiple time frame analysis.
  • You can choose the method that your order will be triggered by (opposite side, second consecutive price etc.).
  • The Fondex cTrader Advanced Protection functionality allows you to manage risk efficiently.
  • QuickTrade is the perfect tool to trade faster. You just need to configure your settings, and you will be able to place orders with a single or double click.
  • Live Sentiment data is displayed for every instrument and may be an additional help in determining the trend direction.
Fondex cTrader's Copy feature allows you to assess and follow top performing strategies from other traders or become a Strategy Provider and charge your copiers a fee.
You can deposit and withdraw funds directly through the platform. We support various methods, such as bank wire transfers, e-wallets, credit/debit cards etc. For the full list and further information on our deposit and withdrawal methods, please view our Deposits & Withdrawals page
Fondex offers one Account, which can be used to trade more than 1,000 instruments across 7 asset classes. Our account features raw interbank spreads from 0.0 pips and gives you the ability to perform manual, copy and automated trading via the same interface.